About Gleez IT Solutions
who we are

Gleez was founded in 2005 to provide IT services

A global world class organization that provides best-of-breed localized business and technology solutions, with continuous innovation and quality, delivered by best-in-class people.

We believe we have the foundation of a great business and technically superb products & services that will help a large number of businesses.

We have expertise in developing, designing, deploying, web applications, mobile applications, e-commerce applications, VoIP, ERP & CRM.

But we don't stop there, we're a full service firm that will do whatever it takes to help you grow your business. So in short - "You Name It, We Do It"

our mission

Build a better business & faster

We have the experience, drive, commitment and passion. We recognize our limitations and have been very proactive in addressing these.

Our position is one of absolute integrity and honesty. We aim to achieve the full potential of the business not through denigrating the competitor products, but by demonstrating the value and excellence of our own products & services.

We are an experienced, talented, and committed team with an excellent products & services that addresses a large and rapidly expanding growing market.


We are expert in IT Solutions Services

We pride our selves in providing unique and customized services to our clients, leading to their utmost satisfaction in guaranteed Turn-Around-Time (TAT), which is our USP. We have a focused approach with continuous persistence to deliver the best.

We extend our services in consulting, which includes planning, information architecture (i.e. wireframes), installation, training, ongoing support, implementation, customization to allow for a best integration into your business.

  • Best IT Solutions Team

    Our specialists use the latest design and technologies, to develop the solution that will meet or exceed your expectations. So the final output that conveys an image worth of your company as well as receiving the attention it deserves.

  • Our adaptive teams provide the right combination of solutions, capabilities and methodologies to deliver results, while partnering with our customers’ teams to foster innovation through continuous learning.

  • Our target is to reach the goal and help innovators bring their business to life. We are invested in doing well while doing good, striving to make a positive impact where we live and work. Our diverse culture of innovation, ownership and community, create an inspiring environment for our people to build long-term careers.

  • Since our first step we never looked back and helped clients solve complex problems and make their business stand out. By paving the path to becoming one of the fastest growing technology services companies in the world.